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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another Podcast Update

OK, finally done updating titles of the podcasts! AT some point I need to catalog appearances on the show. That sounds like work so not tonight:-) If you want up to date blues news check out the Blues Army of Des Moines facebook page. Obits, and show alerts now show up there. This space will now be mostly for updates, and podcasts. Perhaps videos and other news from time to time. Those of you who are long time readers know that I don't post like I used to. Part of that is due to social media being more powerful than blogs. Getting your news from facebook, and twitter draw more eyes than blogs. It is part of the evolution of the internet. However, I still like the blog format and it is having time to post that evades me. I always promise to do better, but life seems to interfere with my promises. Yet, I see a lot of eyes keep coming here, so I probably should be more proactive. Of course some of the action is Russian bots, which to be honest I don't understand their interest in this blog. They never post comments, and a lot of times they only register on my Google Analytics and not on blogger. There have been nights when I have had thousands of hits in a couple of hours, yet very little actual traffic on the blog. It is odd and I haven't figured it out. Have a great night Tom Gary Blues Historian.

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