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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

I know I told ya that there wasn't going to be a Blue Note this week (no, we didn't get any last minute work for next weekend) (there's still time to book that Jeff & Bob duo next Friday for that deck party at your mansion on the outskirts of town) but, as you've noticed, I never miss an opportunity to talk about CAKE! Today (Fri) is Steve Hayes (The Chief) birthday, so I thought you could be in charge of bringing the CAKE. It's his first birthday in 30 years that he's had a full-time job! And he's celebrating by taking a personal day from that job to join us on the bandstand! See yas at the Ottumwa Live @5 celebration, Central Park (right next to Hotel Ottumwa) 5-8pm. Don't worry, we'll have a fire extinguisher on hand in case that fire of birthday candles gets out of hand!...
But wait, there's more. Saturday is Steve's day off, so the birthday celebration continues at the Downtown Davenport/Bix Street Dance, 2nd & Main St. Remember, our show was originally scheduled for the late afternoon, but now has been pushed back to 7:30-9:30p (the time slot we've had for the last few years) I'm looking forward to my annual reunion with Quad Citizens, some of them dating back to my Sudlow Jr. High and Central High days. And The Blue Band's second gig OF ALL TIME was outdoors at the original RIBCO (31 years ago, July 3) Once again, YOU bring the CAKE for the birthday boy!...
After Saturday night, we will have played as many gigs in July as we did in January, February, March and April combined! (which I s'pose tells you more about how slow the winter/early spring really was) Most of the gigs were done in the scorching heat, but everyone pitched in, played great music, and maintained their sense of humor. I'm lucky to work with such pros...
I'm ordering more Tour Shirts tomorrow afternoon, before leaving for Ottumwa. We could still add your date to the tour list on the back if you book it by the end of the weekend.
Because The Blue Band has no work next Sat. (Aug. 4) (WHAT?? NEXT WEEK IS AUGUST??? YIKES!) I have accepted Iowa Public Radio's invitation to be part of the on-air/production team for IPR's live coverage of the Linn County Blues Society's Bluesmore Celebration in Cedar Rapids. Live coverage starts at 7pm and runs thru the end of the performance by multi Blues Music Award winner Janiva Magness at 10pm. I'm hoping to run into you on the Brucemore Mansion grounds, otherwise I'll be talkin' atchya on IPR Get more ticket and/or concert info at
There's really a lot of fun shows scheduled for the next two months, including our annual weekend at The Iowa State Fair on Aug. 17/18. The complete schedule can be found at
So really, I mean it this time, NO BLUE NOTE next week, I can stop doing this anytime, you'll see, I can quit, really...
See yas on the Blue Highway, keep doin' that rain dance while rubbin' yer washboard, don't forget, YOU are in charge of Steve's CAKE this weekend and always remember, we love you. Bob Dorr & The Blue Band
PS, my in-laws say this note is the only update they get about there daughter's health, so, for Bob & Ruth Prins: Carolyn is now able to walk (slowly) to the post office with her foot brace on and today started the exercises to try and get some movement back in her pinky. The walking is going better than the finger movement!

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