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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Short, sweet, and reet petite. We play a private event in Des Moines on Saturday, then have nearly a month with no gainful employment until the start of what's shaping up to be a potentially fun filled summer! Which was enhanced by an invitation, this week, from the ReMax folks in Spirit Lake to be part of ReMax Weekend in The Green Space on the shore of Lake Okoboji, Friday July 20! Thank you Dennis and Dori and ReMax staff for that invite! Available weekend dates for the summer are starting to get scarce, thank you for helping spread the word about our band to town celebration entertainment committees, business party planners, neighborhood block party organizers and your local establishments. Info on booking the band can be found at: And by the way, we've been known to make "substantial price adjustments" on short notice opportunities. Make us an offer to play in your garage/basement during this coming month's gig dry spell...
The good news: World renowned illustrator Steve Campbell has agreed to carry on the tradition of yearly Blue Band logos that he started in 1986 with our One More Won't Kill Ya album cover. That cover was the introduction of the character that Steve calls Big Blue, the blue note character that has been seen, in some form, every year as part of that year's logo. The bad news: After twenty five years, I'm finding it difficult to come up with some new ideas for Steve to illustrate. If you have a suggestion for Big Blue this year, let us know (SOON! The summer tour season starts in a month and we'll need to get the shirts printed before then) Keep in mind that the idea has to work in black and white as well as shades of blue. It needs to work as small as 2" diameter for postcard advertising or as big as 8" diameter for T-shirts. This is our 31st anniversary year. Someone has already suggested "30 One More Won't Kill Ya" It doesn't have to be tied to year specific. Other ideas being tossed around include The NEXT 30 Years Tour and something having to do with this year's Sexagenarianism. If we use your idea, we'll be sure and get you one of those shirts!...
I wanted to let you know that Sam Salomone, the organ player on all of our records since 1996, has been ill. He had surgery and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I spoke to him on Tuesday. He's home, slowly regaining his appetite and strength and the prognosis is good for full recovery. I'm sure if we all send good wishes and positive vibes in his direction, his recovery will come along even faster. Hopefully, by the summertime, he'll be strong enough to play a few dates with the band...
Most of the acts for this year's Happy Blue Year Celebration in Des Moines have been confirmed. It is largely a whole new lineup of bands from around the state, some of which include Blue Band alumni. The lineup so far:
Info on this weekend's radio shows:
The combination of the mild early spring weather and the downtime with the band has inspired me to try and make grass grow where it has never grown before around our house. In the process, I have once again become a master dandelion digger. In an effort to instill some kind of work ethic in me, my parents would pay me money to dig those weeds if I ever wanted something special. Like a first baseman's mitt when I was 10 years old. Looking back, a nickel a dandelion in 1962 was A LOT OF MONEY. (altho' it seemed like it took forEVAH to dig enough weeds for that mitt) Who would think that those skills of slicing the weed by the root and picking the weed out of the grass without leaving an enormous divot would come back to me so quickly? At a nickel a dandelion, I'm sure I could have purchased a small lawn tractor by now...
Unless there's some BIG news, there might not be a Blue Note for a couple of weeks. Those of us who live around Sparkle City have committed to some rehearsal time in the coming weeks, hopefully that will result in some new songs and some revivals of old Blue Band songs that we haven't done in a while. Got any favorites that you'd like us to start playing? See yas on The Blue Highway (use yer damn turn signals and GET OFF THE PHONE in heavy traffic) (I think I have become Mr. Wilson. It used to be that I was humming that old Rolling Stones song Hey, you, get offa my cloud. Now I'm screaming HEY YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN!) (come to think of it, isn't there another old Stones song named Dandelion?) (see, I'm obsessed with that damn yellow weed) (too bad ya can't make CAKE out of dandelions) It puts a whole new meaning on Can You Dig It? Always know that we love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band
PS, one of the New Year's Eve bands, Checker & The Bluetones is at The Hub TONIGHT (Fri) for their own version of the Geeezer Gig. See yas there.

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