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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

So what are the odds that tonight, Leno's first guest would be Piers Morgan and Letterman's first guest would be Tracy Morgan? IT HAPPENED! And today became the first time EVAH in my (very) long life that I mowed my lawn in the month of March! (insert Twilight Zone music here) The planets are definitely aligning for the big Mega Millions jackpot. Those odds are 173,000,000 to 1. The odds are better that you will die of a heart attack or car crash ON YOUR WAY TO THE STORE TO BUY YOUR LOTTO TICKET than to win the $360,000,000 (after taxes) payout. I went ahead anyway and WALKED to the store to buy TWO Mega Millions tickets. Whew, I beat the odds again. My wife says I lead a charmed life (I prefer "putting myself in situations to be lucky") She has no idea how charming I can be with $360,000,000. If I win it, I'm gonna give away $10,000,000 to people on this list! Wish me luck! I wish you the same...
I am VERY lucky to have had access to the audio and video talents of Phil Maass (Philm Sound) and Kelsey Hammer (Kelsey Hammer Productions) Phil outdid himself on the recording/mixing/editing/mastering/producing of the audio recordings from the Sexagenarian party and Kelsey's 3-camera shoot/editing/syncing with Phil's audio/ on the video DVD of that night is really stunning. And both of them work out of their homes, as independent producers, and live LESS THAN A MILE from my house! What are the odds of that?? And we never would have gotten to know of Kelsey and her video production company, had she not auditioned for the substitute drummer gig! (more Twilight Zone music here) I'm still not sure what we're going to do with this very cool record of Sexagenarianism, but the recordings sure did turn out great! Thanks Phil. Thanks Kelsey...
We have had some good luck in adding a few more dates to the appearance calendar (unfortunately, not much before Memorial Day) (Is it time for that Spring Has Sprung party on your deck at your cabin by the river on the outskirts of town?) Our next date is the April GEEEEZER Gig at The Hub in Cedar Falls on Friday the 13th (Twilight Zone music) So bring yer black cat bone and yer mojo too, (good luck charms) Please also note that the final GEEEEZER Gig of the season has been pushed back one week to May 18. I'm thrilled that, even before we're finished with this season, The Hub has already renewed for NEXT season, so plan on the second Friday of every month at The Hub, Oct. 2012-May 2013! It's the bad luck/good luck story with Memorial Day weekend. The North Liberty Blues and Bar-b-que festival moved their celebration to the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and we are part of a private party that day, so the bad luck is that we won't be able to continue our streak of 4 years in a row at that festival this year, but the good luck is that FB & Co in Waubeek has invited us to be part of their Sunday of Memorial Day weekend celebration! I think the Blue Band played FB & Co EVERY Memorial and Labor Day for over 20 years. We're gonna do it again this year! We are also lucky to continue our long running streak of appearances at The Downtown Davenport (Bix) Street Dance. The bad luck there is that there is a new Entertainment Director who has experienced a budget cut and we will need to take a pay cut and play earlier in the afternoon (3-5pm) (Real Geeezer Hours!) I love playing that event, just 10 blocks from my high school, with people and memories of 45 years floating around. We're lucky to be included in such a cool event!...
Saturday night's Backtracks radio show is the return of Long Songs Night. Fifteen songs cover the entire three hour show, many of them suggested by listeners ( and Sunday evening's Blue Avenue program is 100% LIVE performances (the way the blues was made to be played) and includes vintage performances by Luther Allison in Paris France 1993, Muddy Waters at Mr. Kelly's in Chicago 1971 and some of Mr. Maass' recordings for Iowa Public Radio at last summer's Bluesmore Celebration in Cedar Rapids of zydeco master Chubby Carrier. Find the frequency in your neighborhood or listen anywhere on the planet at
There is less than 19 hours until I become a $370 millionaire. I've gotta go figure out what I'm gonna do with all that dough. I know, CAKE! (dough, get it?) We are gonna have a PAR TAY! See ya on the Blue Highway (we'll all be drivin' a new car to the gig) Rub yer washboard to the tune of I'm In The Money. Even if the odds are against us, remember it's always good to be odd and, lucky or not, always know that we love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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