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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Nope, didn't score a last minute gig for this weekend (what a great football weekend tho', NFL playoffs Sat. and Sun. National Championship College game on Monday. Oh yeah...!) That means that I have played the last gigs of my 50s. Next weekend's Birthday Parties will be my first gigs as a sexagenarian. That word is the best part of turning 60 years old. Fortunately, I will be a sexagenarian for the next decade (I can only hope) Anyway, everything you need to know about next weekends celebration gigs can be found on our website homepage: Need I say, BRING CAKE!?...
Never in my 59 years, 51 weeks can I recall raking leaves the week before my birthday! 60 degrees in Sparkle City USA this afternoon. No, really, there's no punch line here, it was 60 degrees here today and I was raking leaves instead of knocking down icicles from the gutter...
The best (week before my) birthday gift I could get arrived today. It was an invitation for The Blue Band to be part of the Iowa State Fair again this year. Make plans to join us on the AE/TV8 stage, the final weekend of The Fair, Fri. Aug. 17 & Sat. Aug. 18. Can you say (birthday) CAKE on-a-stick?...
Sat. night (1/7) 7-10pm, is my annual Elvis Presley special on my Backtracks rock'n'roll history radio show, (Elvis would have been 77 years old on 1/8) and Sunday's trip down Blue Avenue, 5-6:30pm is all about the British Blues scene of the 1960s, (John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown) followed by The Beatles Medley, 6:30-7:00, spotlighting The Beatles as a blues band. Get the frequency of the Iowa Public Radio station in your area or listen anywhere on the planet via web audio streaming at
Here's where we're at with the drummer situation. The more Steve gets into his job, the more he's able to have comp and vacation time available to play more gigs than we originally thought was going to be possible. Still, Steve's regular job hours are Mon-Fri 5:30p-1:30am and every 5th weekend. We are definitely going to need a substitute 20-30 times a year (if we ever start getting some more gigs!) John Rohlf, the drummer that did such a great job filling in for Steve at The Hub last month, is interested in filling in the spots that Steve can't do. He lives just a few blocks from my house, so rehearsals can be arranged easily. So, we are fortunate to have access to two great drummers and don't be surprised to see TWO drummers at a couple of the festival gigs this summer (if we ever start getting more gigs) (sorry for the NOT so subtle hints. NOW is the time to talk with your local festival organizers about having us be part of the celebration) Booking info:
Rumor has it that some really old Blue Band songs that I wrote, like Simulation Stimulation and Git Yer Shit Together (sorry Dolores) that we haven't done since I turned 50 might be part of The Hub gig on Fri. the 13th (what could possibly go wrong with trying to remember songs that I haven't done for a decade while we're doing a live recording on Friday the 13th the day after I become a sexagenarian?) See ya on the Blue Highway, rub yer washboard to rhythm of the sexagenarian (why do I think that word may replace CAKE as the running gag?) You've got a week to bake a CAKE and no matter how old I get, know that we can't stop lovin' you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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