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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Casey James: Drowing On Dry Land

Nice slow blues by Casey James.  Slow blues is one of the easiest styles of blues to play, and one of the hardest to master. This kid has chops!  I especially like his phrasing.  You can hear the guitar breath.  It is not a mesh of a hundred notes a minute.  Nice Job!


Medolark said...

I agree with you: this is exceptional! Thanks for posting it on your site. Ü

Gr8fulheart said...

Who doesn't like to see a brilliant new artist succeed! Looks like Casey will have a great career. Nice♥

DrewJ said...

Initially loved him for his rocker persona on Idol but when I saw & heard him play blues I was in awe. Gotta dig an artist with lot of soul & serious guitar chops

Anonymous said...

Here is a much better video of Casey doing Drowning on dry land:

I love his vocals on this!

Anonymous said...

OH MY!!!!! (She says as she fans herself!)

Anonymous said...

Casey leaves it all on the stage. He's phenomenal.

Unknown said...

Seeing Casey live is an amazing experience. He is such talented musician and he has a great voice too.

GSJordon said...

Thank you for this awesome review of Casey and his blues!! In my opinion, Drowning on Dry Land has Always been my #1 Blues tune by Casey!! He knows his stuff, thats for sure. And as many times as I've heard him play this song, he never ceases to pull me right into the song with him....leaving me totally lost in the music with cold chills!! I will never get tired of hearing him play this song, he performs this with precise perfection every time!!! Thanks again for your support of Casey!!