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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dan Doran Band: Fat Guy Wiggle

Back in my days of being a starving musician in Kansas City, if I wasn't playing I would always try to find out where a handful of legendary piano players were playing so I could steal (ahem..... Learn) their licks.  I would search out Roy Sercee, Larry Van Loon, and Dan Doran.  Of all of them, the won I learned the most from was Dan. Of the three Dan was still playing real Kansas City jump blues, and could really swing on the piano.  I would watch Dan's left hand closely and then go home and practice, and practice until I could get workable, then the next time I would see him I would realize that I had only reached the tip of the iceberg!  Dan was also very cool about teaching, and showing me things.  Most of the keyboard players that I ran into in KC weren't so friendly, but Dan was hip to helping out a young player learn to play the blues.  So enjoy Dan and his band playing a swinging Kansas City jump called the Fat Guy Wiggle!


Unknown said...

Dan kicks a__. Alive in Kansas City is the greatest cd ever recorded. Thanks Dan.

Blues Historian said...

I agree Vince. Love that CD, and I think I might have been at the Grand Emporium when they recorded that. I was playing with John Paul and the Hellhounds back then, and we had more than one gig with Dan at the Grand Emporium. Those were good times.

Tom Gary