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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Well, the only funny thing about this week's note (odd, not hahahaha) is that load-in is in about 7 hours and showtime is 10:30 IN THE MORNING!! So the house remodeling is virtually done, but I'm still having to haul my butt out of bed at 7:15a! Good thing I've had so much practice in the last SIX MONTHS, eh?...
See ya this morning for the RAGBRAI lunch stop in Parkersburg, 10:30AM to 1:30pm outside in front of the Parkersburg Civic Center, 503 3rd St. Bring lots of coffee along with CAKE! (caffeine and sugar should wake me up) After the EF5 tornado that tore apart the town and the shooting of the town patriarch, Coach Ed Thomas, all in the last two years, Parkersburg is now experiencing a rebirth after spending last year rebuilding. I'm so tickled to be invited to be part of this town's RAGBRAI stop. We played a RAGBRAI lunch stop in Keystone a few years back and it was fantastic. Way less corporate hype and glitz and much more the feeling of RAGBRAI as a bike ride with friends across our state, the way it was when we started playing RAGBRAI events in the 80s. Thank you Parkersburg for the invitation to be part of your rebirth!...
Friday evening is the Live at 5 event in downtown Ottumwa. Beautiful park, wonderful hosts, and people we've been playing for for nearly all 29 years of The Blue Band. We start playing at 5p...
Sunday (8/1) (what? it's August already?) we're part of the Parnell Days Bike Show. Parnell is a little town south of a slightly bigger little town, Williamsburg, that I've played in since BEFORE the Blue Band! (remember those out of control parties in the Parnell community building with the Little Red Rooster Band?) (neither do I) I'm thinkin the Bike Show has more to do with Harley's than Schwinns but ride whatever you like! See you in the middle of Main St. 2-6pm...
This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of The Wadena Music Festival. It was Iowa's version of Woodstock, with 50,000 Hippies partying on the Schmitt farm in northeast Iowa, listening to Johnny Winter, Mason Proffit, The Chambers Bros., Poco, Albert King, The Guess Who, Leon Russell, Gypsy, Rotary Connection, Little Richard, The Everly Bros and about 20 other bands. Tickets were TEN dollars! ('course, minimum wage was $1.60) My mom wouldn't let me go. But I decided to devote my Backtracks rock 'n' roll history show this Saturday to that legendary gathering. I've produced a lot of radio shows in the last 35 years. This could be the best one EVAH! I'm really proud of how this turned out, mixing music from the bands that were there with interviews with people who were there and history from the fellow that's writing a soon to be published book about the event. The show runs 7-10p Saturday night. Find the frequency in your part of the state or listen anywhere on the planet at
See, I told ya this would be short and to the point cuz I gotta sleep a few hours. See ya on the Blue Highway (no matter what kind of bike you're riding) rub yer washboard tie while gulping a double vanilla espresso, give me a wake up call at 7am and remember, CAKE is part of a nutritional breakfast! We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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