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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

John Hammer Blues News

 Ain't no Heartbreak Hotel at Hammered By The Blues!
 'Chasin' Tail'
 'Red Dog Speaks'

Rob Stone
'Back Around Here'
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Big Bang Theory on the Radio
  We will delve into the unanswered questions of the cosmos simply for your entertainment. July 4th on Hammered By The Blues  (every Sunday on KOWZ 1170AM at 10pm) we do our best to amuse and confuse while tackling thorny issues that befuddle people a lot smarter than us. You may wonder why the space-time continuum is not disrupted as we whisk you in the blink of an eye to Australia to catch Anni Piper as she puts the sizzle in yer hizzle off 'Chasin' Tail'. As we reform yer molecules to ride the jet stream unfettered, you may experience a little dry mouth as you reform in California in time for Cathy Lemons and Johnny Ace to provide a little thirst quenching off their latest 'Lemonace'. Knowing you may be a little disoriented, we bring a bright star right outta the sky into your very living space. Elvin Bishop brightens things up off his brand new CD 'Red Dog Speaks'. As the 'dog' left you wondering what six string separation of cosmic particles has to do with you, we call on Rob Stone to summarize the topics and tie it all together in one moment of enlightenment with select tracks off 'Back Around Here'. I know. The miracle of radio waves coursing thru yer grey matter makes this all soooo simple!
When yer problems are thorny late at night;  
  We got the solution to make you right;
Embrace those blues and let yer spirit soar; 
Feel the healing power all the way to your core!
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JULY Blue Monday NOW on-Line
July 2nd: Johnny Rawls
Lake Sisseton Saloon, Fairmont, MN

'Short Orders no problem at Hammered By the Blues'
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This episode featuring: Downchild Blues Band, Chris James & Patrick Rynn, Tim Woods, and Andy Cohen

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 John 'blueshammer' Hammer

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