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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

There is a store, a little past Vickie's Place in the mall, called Variety or Vanity or Varsity or actually, I don't know EXACTLY what it's called because it's a clothing store for young women and those clothes don't fit me, but all this week, there was a HUGE sign in front of the store that said TWO FOR $60!! but in very small type under that was "one for $29.80". What?? No wonder this country is going bankrupt. Which brings me to the health care "summit" this afternoon. But for those that just want the Blue Band appearance info:

This week, we don't have a gig...

Next week, 3/5, is the First Friday Geeezzzer Gig at The Hub, 4th & Main, in sweet home Sparkle City, 6-9pm. I love this gig. Sat. 3/6 we return to Davenport, the home of the Sudlow Jr. High Tigers for a cool showcase at the hippest place in town, The Redstone Room at the River Music Experience at 2nd & Main. Doors open at 8p, showtime at 9p. We'll play til a little past midnight. My return to the town of my Jr. High days always warrants CAKE!...

But get this: it's currently -9 windchill and the first OUTDOOR gig of the season is two weeks from Saturday!! OK, it's in a cozy little heated tent outside of the Twisted Parrot Lounge as part of their weekend long St. Paddy's Day Celebration and honestly (would I lie to you?) it actually got too HOT in their last year, but it's still OUTSIDE. The Parrot is located at 6500 Hickman Rd. in the Des Moines suburb that seems to have adopted us as their own-Windsor Heights. We play 7-11p. Party in the Parking Lot!!...

Other than that, we're hurtin' for workin'. Maybe we could play your heated garage...

Well, I titled this note the "world's quickest" and that health care summit lasted EIGHT hours, so I'll have to hold those comments til next week. All I can say now is that everyone would be a lot healthier if they came out and danced to The Blue Band, took regular walks past Vickie's Place (and WHATEVAH that other store is) and ate more CAKE! Oh, and don't forget the advice of Paul from San Antonio: always drink upstream from the herd! See yas on The Blue Highway, we love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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