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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

KFMG Off The Air

This is basically for readers in Des Moines. Most of you know this by now, and some of you knew this was coming but KFMG, the little radio station that refused to die, has gone off the air once again. From what I can tell from emails, and press releases that the low power station's license could be bought or transferred from the community group that has it now. I would hope that whoever ends up with the signal uses it to continue to support not only the blues, but jazz, folk, and alt rock that doesn't make it on commercial radio.

for more click HERE for the Des Moines Register article.


Anonymous said...

KFMG could live on but please leave Ron Sorenson out of the equation.

Blues Historian said...


Just curious. What is your beef with Ron?? Granted I have been gone for 7 years from Des Moines, but Ron is a legend in not only Des Moines radio, but in the many lives of KFMG.

What the heck did Ron do to deserve this???