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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larrry Fountain RIP

Larry Fountain was not your typical bluesman. He didn't play an instrument, or sing, but he lived and loved the blues. To the rest of world that reads this blog, you won't find Larry's biography on the internet, and unfortunately I never posted about Larry on Blues Historian until today.

I first met Larry sometime in the mid to late 90s when Jimmy Pryor was jamming around the various blues dives in town. Larry was Jimmy's right hand man. After Jimmy's second wife died, Larry was the one that kept him going. Larry would drive him to gigs, and watch out for him. He was Jimmy's Bodyguard, and friend. They might start the night at the Cloud, and then end the night at an after hour joint. Once Jimmy starting playing for bands again, Larry was still there watching out for his old friend. Still making sure he was getting where he needed to be. Later when Jimmy got married again, Larry could be found volunteering his time for the Central Iowa Blues Society, or hanging out at Blues On Grand. Larry was an kind and caring soul, and truly lived the life of a bluesman.

I am sorry old friend, that I didn't make it down to Des Moines much to talk to you and hang out with you after I moved to Storm lake. I truly miss your gentle humor, and your love for your fellow bluesman. I know you are looking out for Jimmy once again up there in the big blues arena in the sky. God bless you Larry, and say hi to Jimmy for me.

Tom Gary
Blues Historian

For those readers in Des Moines that know Larry here is the memorial schedule.

Larry Fountain visitation will be Saturday, Oct 31 from 10-11 am with a funeral service following at 11 am at the East University Church of God Christ. It is at 1639 E University.

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