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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racism Is Alive And Well

I have avoided politics on this blog, but much of the comments that have gone on over the last month and a half, that are suppose to be political discourse are nothing more than typical racist bull. Anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out that much of the imagery that goes for political hardball these days are ugly and racial. Explain to me how images of Obama as a monkey, a stereotypical black cannibal, or the "Joker" Obama, are not racist. If you think that it is okay, then you are a fool, and have no grasp of history.

However, let me answer some of the far right critics who think this is fair play. After all George Bush was compared to a monkey, and Hitler. Well, the problem with the monkey is that African American's in the past were compared to apes, and monkeys, called sub-human and treated as such. It wasn't funny then, and it ain't funny now. The cannibal image finds it history back in the bad old days of Hollywood. Once again it was a demeaninig image designed to make African Americans subhuman.

The Joker image is the worse. It is so convenient to pass this off as Obama as a super villain. However, when I see the image I see Obama in black face. This goes back to the day of reconstruction, when black performers were not allowed to perform for white audiences, but the white audiences wanted to see the minstrel show, so, white guys painted their faces black, and painted giant red lips on their faces. They also portrayed African American's as lazy, lacking intelligence, and always trying to steal chickens and watermelons from the master/landlord.

Here is the problem. If you want to debate health care, then debate it on the merits. There are many great conservative arguments that can be made instead of this juvenile, name calling, racist BS. (and here is the really sad state of things, even Liberals hate the current health care bill, so you could easily kill it with your good old fashion fiscally conservative talking points)

To be honest if anyone is offended by what I have just said, then I have one question for you. Why do you listen to the blues??? Do you think the blues is just nice tunes?? Seriously?? What do you think the blues is all about???? Think about it.


calangute beach said...

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Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Well said.

caroleinfl said...

You brought tears to my eyes. I'm trying not to sob. Thanks for understanding.