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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

Well, I haven't gotten this many comments on a Blue Note since I said something about Sarah Palin last Fall! The saga continues, but first a word from our sponsor...

So, I can already hear you sayin' PLEASE GOD, DON'T LET HIM START IN ON FACEBOOK AND LIFE AND LOVE ISSUES AGAIN, cuz I just want to know where I can dance a couple songs, eat some chicken wings, pizza, and ice cream, have a couple beers, get some laughs with long-time friends, and leave all this other "stuff" behind! Well, have I got the thing for you! Thursday (tomorrow) (9/11) it's the annual Greater Cedar Valley Chamber of Commerce WING DING THING!! You can get all of the above (except for the beers) for only $5 in advance or $10 at the gate. (which is still an incredible bargain) This is always one of the coolest events we play every year, we play 5-8pm, Bunky will join Al in the horn section. Just to hear the band at the Overman Park Bandshell (3rd & Clay/Franklin) is a treat, let alone all the other treats you get for the $5 admission. For more information or to get those advance tickets, try 319-266-3593 or visit This is worth the drive to Cedar Falls, see yas there...

You probably heard from someone that we've got lots of open dates for the remaining part of the year! That's proven out by the fact that we don't have any work for the next two weekends (unless you're interested in having us play your deck party while Iowa/Iowa St. plays football this Saturday) (My Panthers deserved to win that game last week) Then we have a private wedding dance on Sept. 26th and that's it for this month, so there probably won't be another Blue Note for quite some time. Be sure and check the Post-A-Blue Note page for any breaking Blue News. Or maybe I'll use Facebook...

Many folks have emailed or phoned saying that there was some confusion at the Hilton Gardens Hotel about New Year's Eve reservations. I had a meeting with Kori, the hotel site manager last Wednesday and I'm confident that we're ready to take those reservations at 515-270-8890 or Remember, this is a much smaller venue than The Hotel Fort Des Moines (which is closing for renovations). Where we used to be able to sell 600 + tickets for the event, it will be limited to 400 tickets this year. Plus, Dec. 31 is a BLUE MOON! For a complete list of entertainment go to Let's make it another Happy Blue Year in 2009!...

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