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Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue Band Update

I didn't do my lawn watering tonight because of the predicted overnight BOMBASTIC storms, so I'm jonesin' and looking forward to rolling out the Hosemobile some night soon...

Speaking of some night soon, how 'bout TONIGHT? (Fri.) marks our return to Old Settlers Days in Corydon (straight south on Hwy 65, 13 miles from the Missouri border) (boyhood home of the famous DuBay Brothers) This year we're on the concert stage, (don't worry, we'll make sure there's some kind of dancefloor space for you) 7:30-9:00pm. Blue Band alum Bob Thompson will join Al in the horn section. Mark has the flu, so Tom Cooper III will join us on bass (fortunately his band Soul Fusion is only working on Sat. night) (have I ever told you what a BIG fan I am of Soul Fusion? I'm such a big fan that I invited them to join us for the New Years Eve bash this year!) (and they accepted!) It looks like the storms will stay to the north, see yas in Corydon!...

Saturday night, we return to the center of the universe, Sparkle City USA, aka Cedar Falls, for our (hopefully) annual show at the Cedar Trails Festival. We're the pre nightride entertainment, so peddle on down to Gateway Park (you can paddle down the Cedar River too) (just don't piddle and make a puddle) We play 7pm to dark when the nightride begins. All ages are welcome to ride or just come for the band. Bunky will join Al in the horn section. Our sincere thanks to The Hearst Center For The Arts for their support of our band at this event over the years. For more information on this celebration of the fabulous trailway system we have in the Cedar Valley, try:

Next week we play a private wedding on Saturday, so there probably won't be a Blue Note. I'll be busy being a State Fair go-er, gorging myself on Food On A Stick, and enjoying the people-watching, prior to The Blue Band weekend at The Fair, August 21/22. I'm pretty sure that this year is the 25th anniversary of our first appearance at The Fair. There's nothing like it. These days it's like a five generation reunion for us on that stage. Get your reduced price admission tickets at HyVees and Fairways and we'll see yas at the AE/TV8 stage, two shows nightly 7 & 9pm. Bring funnelCAKE!...

There was a retirement party today for Wayne Jarvis, one of my mentors and coworkers at KUNI for 30+ years. His encouragement and mentoring often inspired me to persevere in both my radio and band careers. All of this makes me think too much! I "officially" leave UNI employment in 20 weeks. YIKES!...

Speaking of KUNI, all my shows are brand new this weekend and the Backtracks rock'n'roll history show is 3 hours of previewing some of the compilation CDs that I've been acquiring during the summer months for use in the upcoming Fall production season. It airs 7-10p Sat. night and the new blues show Blue Avenue happens Sun. evening 5-6:30p. Find your frequency or listen on line at

Lots of time on the road tomorrow. It's about a 3 1/2 hour truck ride to get there, so seven hours round trip, in order to play for 90 minutes! Wasn't it Ethel Merman who said THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS LIKE NO BUSINESS I KNOW!!!....

And speaking of business, keep spreadin' the word that we have LOTS (way too many) of open dates for the Fall and Holiday seasons. A Holiday House Party at your acreage on the outskirts of town would be fun, don't ya think? Call me babies...

Anyway, I've got a kabillion things to do before heading to Corydon. See ya on the Blue Highway, remember to bring yer washboard tie (somebody's got to rub it with me!) USE YER DAMN TURN SIGNALS, wear yer helmet on the nightride (I'm not sure what that means) and always remember we love you... Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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