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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

And I'll be down by the river, watchin' the river flow. Didn't Bob Dylan say that? Saturday evening (5/30) The Blue Band plays one of my all-time favorite places, with over 25 years worth of memories scattered all over the beer garden, at FB & Co. in Waubeek, between Stone City and Central City, overlooking the Wapsipinicon River, just 20 minutes NE of Cedar Rapids. Things are WAY tamer at FB these days. Owner Tim Kula had a stroke 16 months ago (from which he's recovered almost totally) and has two young children, so it's much more of a family, multi-generational, setting than the crazy days when Tim & I used to see who could do the most shots of tequila while two other bands played before The Blue Band ever got on stage! We're the only band on the bill this time and we'll start playing at 7:30p (get there by 8 for the cool sunset) and play until 10:30 or 11:00 (Tim says there is no time in Waubeek) The weather is predicted to be sunny and 80 degrees during the day. Bring some bug spray and maybe your Blue Band sweatshirt for after the sun goes down. Tim allows camping on the grounds. If the meteorologists have it wrong (that never happens, does it?) (if they get it wrong, they still get paid) we'll take the event inside the historic stone bar...

Then, next Friday, (6/5) it's the really BIG river: THE MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI!! We'll be trying to raise money for Iowa Public Radio and have a fun time doin' it while cruisin' the river on the Spirit of Dubuque River Boat, in Dubuque. Board at the Ice Harbor at 7p, it's a three hour cruise (no Gilligan jokes, please) (Ginger or Mary Anne?) and you'll be back on shore by 10:30p. Advance tickets are only $15, they'll be $20 at the dock, if there are any left, day of show. There's only 300 spaces on the boat and about half of them are already sold. Don't miss the boat. The Blue Band still has 13 tickets for sale, we'll have them at FB & Co., otherwise, more info and credit card orders taken at

We play a private wedding in Galena IL next Saturday, on our way to the TROLL CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, Mt. Horeb, WI, where we play Sunday (6/7) at the Summer Frolic, 5-8pm. Our longtime friend Mark Webber has promised to sing again this year (that's a warning) so you'll want to have a bucket of beer and a couple of brats before that happens! (honest to God, they have another festival called the Thirsty Troll Brew Fest. These Wisconsinites KNOW how to party.) And Mt. Horeb also has the Mustard Museum (Poupon U.) See yas indah beer tent dere...

I'm told by the t-shirt printer that you still have until Monday to get your date on the back of the 2009 Tour shirt, so book that holiday party NOW!! You also have until Monday to add to our order. If you want a color other than black, white or royal blue, or you need a size other than M, L, XL, or XXL, respond to this mailing and make that special order. The 2009 logo artwork, which will be on the front of the shirt, is now on the website homepage. Our thanks to Steve Campbell for his 23rd logo design for The Blue Band!!...

And speaking of Iowa Public Radio, thanks for all the advice and insights on whether or not I should take UNI up on the offer of early retirement. I'm planning on making that decision on June 15, which is the day after the three day summer fundraiser. (if my shows flop at raising money, maybe IPR will make that decision for me!) If you have any reasons why I should NOT take the offer of 5 years of free medical coverage and 5 years of contributions toward my retirement fund, I need to hear 'em real soon!...

OK, so now you know where we'll be for the next two weekends. Unless something BIG pops up (!) there won't be a Blue Note next week. See yas on the Blue Highway (waterway) Rubbing your washboard with the Blue Band playin' the song New Orleans, while floatin' down one of the world's most classic rivers is something you've GOT to experience. It's even better than CAKE! (Floating down the river, rubbin' yer washboard, while EATING cake would be utopia) We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

PS: June 10 is the Blue Band's 28th birthday. You know what to do: SEND CAKE!!

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