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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bob Dorr And The Blue Band Update

After a nearly 3 week lull in the action, things are pickin' up! Let's get started...

Later tonight (Tuesday) I hope you can join me on state-wide Iowa Public Television for another fundraising edition of Roy Orbison & Friends, A Black & White Night. It's almost become a tradition for Festival. (I think this is the 9th time I've helped fundraise that show) and I always seem to see/hear something new every time. I still get a kick out of the part where I snap my fingers and the screen goes back to the days of black and white. (we don't need no stinkin' digital converter box) It's like the Wizard of Oz in reverse! Get yerself a Blue Ray copy of that show as a thank you gift for supporting IPTV with a pledge. I continue to be the "not quite ready for prime time player" as the show hits the airwaves at 10pm. Then I drive like a maniac back to Sparkle City where Phil Maass and I will spend all day Wednesday trying to finish mixing the New Year's Eve tapes. I don't mind sayin' that the 9 piece version of the The Blue Band that played that night was really one of the most stellar collections of Iowa players that has ever played that NYE gig. Add in the other Iowa all-stars (Rob Lumbard, Joe Price, Lynne Rothrock, Paul Rottenberg, and Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts) who each played a song with that stellar lineup and you can see why I'm excited about that potential release. Then I drive like a maniac back to Des Moines to help IPTV raise money with the Sting special on Thursday night, again starting at 10pm. Then I drive like a maniac back to Sparkle City for the March "First Friday" (Geezer Gig) at the Hub (4th & Main) 6-9pm. I LOVE that gig. It seems to bring a multigenerational gathering of people who are just lookin' to have a little fun at the end of the week. Pizza by the slice, a few dances, some stupid songs like Wooly Bully, and home by the 10 o'clock news! Except this month, Iowa City reggae rockers Public Property plays after us, so it could be an all nighter mon! I'm feelin' a little irie just thinkin' on it! Then I drive nice and slow (the Cedar Falls PD really keeps an eye on downtown Sparkle City on weekends) back to my house to prepare for another Saturday night LIVE requestfest on my Iowa Public Radio show Backtracks, 7-10pm. Advance requests can be made simply by replying to this note. Remember, that show deals exclusively with songs that are at least 25 years old. (two GEEZER GIGS in a row!) You can also call during the program from anywhere in the lower 48 (Sarah Palin has to pay for her own phone call) 800-772-2440, ext. 5. Find the frequency in your area or listen anywhere on the planet at

And I'm gonna do all that while in need of a root canal procedure! Which will finally take place next Tuesday (at least I'll have an excuse as to why my face will look so FAT AND PUFFY on TV) The X-rays showed I needed that done last Monday. (I had my head x-rayed, they didn't find anything) I've been surviving on Sensodyne tooth paste and Ambisol ever since (not to mention these GIGANTIC antibiotic pills that I have to take every 8 hours) I've never had a root canal procedure. I never take the novocaine for fillings (hurt me baby) but the dentist says I'll want to get numbed up for that one. Hopefully, I'll recover in a day because it's back down to Des Moines for more IPTV fundraising next Thursday (3/12) to co-host Paul Simon: The Library of Congress Prize for Popular Song 9 p.m.-11 p.m. Public broadcasting in Iowa has been my life for 30+ years. I'm proud of the way Iowans have built and supported public TV and radio in our state (Iowa Public Radio fundraising starts March 27 so save a few dollars for them too!) Help solidify the future of these great resources by making a tax deductible pledge this month...

And don't forget to Spring Forward this Sat. night (you're gonna stay up until 2am to officially usher in Daylight Savings Time aren't ya?) and with DST comes THE FIRST OUTDOOR GIG OF THE YEAR!! OK, it's in a heated tent, as part of the four day St. Patrick's Day weekend celebration at The Twisted Parrot on Hickman Rd. in Des Moines ( Saturday, March 14...

Perhaps you saw the story in the Des Moines Register that The Hotel Fort Des Moines is closing in September to make major renovations. The construction is scheduled to take nearly 15 months. Obviously the annual Iowa Blues New Year will have to take place somewhere else this year. The Fort's many stage facility and affordable room prices will be hard to beat (hey, it might be old, but it sure felt like home to me) I'm currently trying to find somewhere to take this event. If you have suggestions, please let me know...

I'm really looking forward to spring weather so I can get out of mall walking. You're probably looking forward to it just so you don't have to hear about the advertising signs! This week, in front of one women's store, bottoms are $19.99 (and up) I seem to recall that bottoms were cheaper than that a few weeks ago. This means that bottoms are up! (and up) Another women's store says ALL BOTTOMS are buy one, get one half off. If you buy two will that next pair be totally off? And don't get me started about the bottoms at Vicky's Place...

I'm lookin' forward to getting back on the Blue Highway, rubbin' my washboard, and beggin' for CAKE! I'm counting on your support for IPTV and IPR. (my job depends on it) Call me, baby! We love you, Bob Dorr & The Blue Band

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