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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Blues Critic Media Carl Marshall: Is The New Philosopher Of Soul

(this is not an ad. no one put us up to this. Carl, hope you like it. we are just calling it the way we see/hear it!)
"The New Philosopher Of Soul"
his megahit "Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry" is still alive...because it had a message. All of Carl's songs have a message, like his brand new masterpiece "After Your Man Is Gone" and "Leave That Man's Wife Alone"!
Carl Marshall
"Look Good For You"
Artist/Writer/Producer/All-Around-Great-Person Carl Marshall is still riding high on his smash hit "Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry", the right song and message that became the biggest Soul Blues hit of the past two years! It turns out that track was just a hint of great things to come- which are now here with this powerhouse album "LOOK GOOD FOR YOU". Some are already calling it the Marvin Gaye "What's Goin' On" or Steve Wonder "Songs In The Key Of Life" of the Soul Blues world. 16 new songs from the "New Philosopher Of Soul" Carl Marshall that hit the nail on the head when it comes to relationships and common sense. Pumpin' dance jams like "Ladies, Know Your Worth", "Pull Your Pants Up" & "Looking For A Real Woman" combined with sublimely soulful ballads like "After Your Man Is Gone", "Look Good For You" and the sequel to "Good Lovin'" called "I Cried". This is the best Soul Blues album since the days of ZZ Hill. Period.

1. Intro
2. Accept It For The Way It Is
3. Ladies, Know Your Worth
4. Look Good For You
5. Sex Costs Love is Free
6. What About Now
7. I'm Willing To Try Again
8. A Woman Wants Time
9. After Your Man Is Gone
10.Don't Let Love Turn To Hate
11.Bikers Line Dance
12.Shake It Like A Rope
13.I Cried
14.Pull Your Pants Up
15.Leave That Man's Wife Alone
16.Looking For A Real Woman

Produced by Carl Marshall
Co-mixed by Mel Waiters
Special Guest: Bigg Robb

Currently the song "Leave That Man's Wife Alone" is getting Airplay across the South with it's Timely message but the first Single will be the one-two punch
Of "After Your Man Is Gone" &
"Ladies, Know Your Worth", two
Of the most uplifting and empathetic songs geared toward
The ladies every written.

Make Sure you stock up on this CD because it is going to be a blockbuster with heavy promotion the whole year!!

Carl Marshall IS Soul/Blues!!


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