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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some New Pics Of Erick Hovey's Silvertone Amps

One of the more interesting things about blogging is learning what is popular. Google has some great tools that help me monitor the site, and I always enjoy finding out what my most popular posts are on Google. One that has surprised me for popularity and longevity is a photo I posted of Erick Hovey's Silvertone Amplifier! (Click HERE) It actually makes sense since I know a lot of blues musicians who love anything Silvertone:-) For those who don't know Silvertone was the name of musical instruments sold by Sears. Most people know Sears for their guitars, but they also made all sorts of instruments and equipment to go with it. I have a Silvertone Clarinet and I played it in high school instead of my LeBlance, because it played a lot better. What most people don't know is Sears didn't build any instruments but they were built for Sears by other companies. I do know that my Clarinet was actually built by Selmer, which explains why it was so good.

That said, here are some more pics of Erick's amps because people just can't get enough of it:-) Erick is the typical American farmer, who over years of hard work and ingenuity has created his own cool amplification set up. He has taken several Silvertone guitar case amps, and built himself his own interesting guitar amp. I really can't explain all the bells and whistles to it, but it gets the job done and sounds great!

Click on the photos to enlarge!!!

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