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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Photo Of The Week

The Photo of the week is one of our many lighthouses located in Storm Lake. This one is on the camp grounds of the Boy Scouts. It is just west of our campus. Since summer vacation is coming on quick for me. (another two and a half weeks!) Then I will be done until August! My plan this summer was to travel and check out some of the great blues fests around the area, but thanks to George Bush's wonderful economic plans I am stuck here. 4 Dollar gas, is way to much for me to be tooling around the Midwest. I have even canceled plans to go Chicago. This sucks!!! BTW, I know that many people think that getting rid of the gas tax is going to help. Trust me on this folks, back when gas was around a dollar the tax was too high, but now federal gas tax won't make a dent in your gas bill if they take it away. So I will probably base myself in Des Moines for most of the summer. Try to pick up a few gigs, and take some classes. Maybe if a mircle happens and gas prices go down, then perhaps I could make it to Kansas City or Mississippi Valley for their blues fest. Wishful thinking I know:-)

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