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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Again! More About Videos!

Well, I was doing good until today. I hadn't really been ill, except for a slight cold over Easter, so that means I had gone almost three months without being sick. This has been a bad year for me. I swear I was sick for most of December, and then again in January. So waking up this morning with this crud again really sucks! I hope I can avoid the Doctor because I can guarantee that he will put me on Antibiotics, which is not one of my favorite things to do. I think that for the most part these are virus that I have, but the doctors take one look at my throat and they go STREP! I suppose it is the hazard of working with kids.

For those of you following the video saga. Youtube deleted a ton of videos over the last few months. In particular a lot of Bobby Darin videos. I found out that the guy who posted them didn't have permission (duh!!!) and the Darin Estate pulled the plug. I know that myself and a few others have gone out and bought some Bobby Darin CDs and DVDS after seeing the clips so I think the estate is being a little shortsided. Besides I have found a few of the old clips are back up under different users. I think it is a lot like the Elvis videos they don't last long! I bet the Elvis Estate must have a full time guy who sits at a computer all day looking for videos of Elvis to pull! Again I think it is too bad, because it is great advertising, and it keeps these artists alive.

If you would like to see all the videos on Blues Historian (they are embedded videos from other sites, if you represent an artist and want them gone please go to the site that the video originates from) CLICK HERE or on the title of this post.

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