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Monday, February 25, 2008

Poll Results

Of course it was not a scientific poll, but the results were interesting. Most people receive their news from the net, and that was expected. However, I was surprised that few people get their news from radio. I guess since radio especially talk radio, is so biased to one political point of view, that most people find their news from other sources. I did look at some stats the other day in regards to the power of talk radio, and it is obvious that the power that they have over political speech has waned over the years. This is probably good for the country because open debate and dialog is what made the country great. I think too many times people have believed that there is only two answers to every problem, and that everything is basically right or wrong. Reality is far more complicated than that. It really takes everyone working together and finding common ground to solve the big issues. Hopefully, that is the direction we are heading.

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